Bank Holiday Opening Hours

Bank Holiday Opening Hours

May Day – May Day! Here are our Bank holiday opening hours for the May Day 2017 holiday.

12 noon – 4pm

What is May Day anyway?  It is a Pagan festival of the celebration of a time which is neither winter nor summer, and all over Europe you can still find carnivals and family days where both men and women would dance around the may pole. Hold on to ribbons connected to the pole, and dance opposite ways, interwinding their ribbons as they duck and dive between each other. The dance seems to perfectly symbolize life, and the interwinding of masculine and feminine energies. The pattern was also believed to indicate patterns of the harvest, and may have been a sort of tool for divination.

The May pole is actually, historically speaking, a phallic symbol, and the dancing around it an ancient fertility rite.

May Day was, and still is, known as Beltane; a festival for the celebration of the life, fertility and summer.

So, enjoy your day and pop in to see us tomorrow afternoon if you fancy some super sexy antics for your May Day holiday.