When do you have a sale?

We have discounts throughout the year to clear old stock. Occasionally we get a great deal on an item and sell it a bit cheaper too. However, our prices are already cut low as we have to compete with online prices too, so just know your purchase is a good deal already.

Are you the shop featured on TV?

Yes! We’ve been featured on Graham Norton, MTV’s The Valleys, and more recently, the BBC One Series City Road.

Why don’t you open until the afternoon?

We tried lots of different opening hours over the years.  9am, 10am, 11am – and no-one really came shopping until the afternoon. However, when we were closing, always people came rushing in after work to do some sexy shopping. We usually open until 9pm except during the Summer months when the students go home, and we open until 6pm. Check our website for opening hours.

Is everything in stock in the shop?

As far as possible, yes. But sometimes items sell out. If you make a special trip for a particular item you saw online, you can contact us beforehand to see if we have it in stock and can keep it for you.