Love Cardiff, City Road Stories

Love Cardiff, City Road Stories

Love Cardiff, City Road Stories

Over the past six weeks or so, we’ve been working with Cardiff’s Sherman Theatre on a new production called Love Cardiff, City Road Stories.

The road on which we’re located is famous.  City Road.  It’s a mad road!  So many different things on here.

We have no less than 61 restaurants and a whopping 17 barbers.  There are numerous food stores but just a few remaining pubs and bars, definitely worth checking out though, if you love live music.

But there is only one Passion.

City Road is so interesting in fact, the BBC made a documentary about it.  You can catch this on our YouTube channel here, three episodes featuring some of the businesses you’ll find up and down this eclectic melting pot of different cultures and businesses.

So we may have all these barbers and eateries and so on, but believe me, there is only One Passion and you know exactly where that is!

Here, Writer and Director Andrew Sterry of the Sherman Theatre explains how and why he prepared this piece of theatre and that will display how your favourite adult shop has ended up in the production.

Book your tickets with the Sherman Theatre before they sell out and come and hear our stories. Moving, poignant and very real.