Our latest restraints

Our latest restraints

Whether you are a Vanilla Kink Virgin or a seasoned Kink Master you need to acquire a collection of tools of the trade.  From paddles to pinwheels, floggers to fancy crops we have toys that really leave an impact on a willing partner.  Passion is your go-to store for sex toys of this nature.  We are 20 years experienced in this industry and have had every request there could be, we think! After the 50-shades era it has been demonstrated that a bit of kink in the bedroom is a favourite pass time and handcuffs for example would be one of the first things on a couples shopping list, if they are doing a bit of exploration.

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What are restraints?

Restraints in the sex toy world are a group of articles that are used to restrict movement of a partner.  This could be handcuffs, ankle cuffs, spreader bars, bondage rope, collars and many more articles of this nature.

Which restraints does Passion sell?

We sell a wide range of restraints.  All the most common especially non-marking restraints, yes we know you have work the next day! So we specialise in soft ropes made from silk and cotton, from buckle cuffs and even elastabind cuffs to prevent tell tale marks being left on the skin.  We sell hardware to go with all restraints to join them together.  And we sell advanced restraints such as ropes and anal hooks for the more serious player.

What if I am just starting out?

That’s fine! Our staff are here to help you with your choice. We have soft bondage items such as Velcro closure under the bed restraints that are a best seller amongst the beginner bondage buyer. And kits with all you need to get you started such as a set of wrist and ankle cuffs, a neck collar, a blindfold, a leash and more all combined into a colour-coordinated kit for you.