Passion City Road Cardiff

Passion City Road Cardiff

Passion City Road Cardiff

If you’re planning your first visit to Passion, the sexy shop on City Road Cardiff, you may be wondering about our location, how to park etc. so we thought we’d put some info out there, in order that you can plan your visit as stress-free as possible.

Passion is based in an out-of-town retail shop which is just a few miles outside the City Centre. This makes for an easier visit by car, as you can find on-street parking nearby.

Parking on City Road, Cardiff

Visiting an out-of-town retail shop means that you can park easier and not have to deal with a big multi-story car-park.  Multi-story parking can be expensive and more stressful.

Warning: most parking on City Road, Cardiff is time-restricted.  That means, you get a one hour or two hour slot free of charge but any longer, and you may be at-risk of a parking ticket from one of Cardiff City Council’s lovely Traffic Wardens.  This sometimes happens to us, as staff if we can’t shut the shop for a few minutes to go and move our cars!  For flying visits, this is great as you get one hour parking right outside the shop in the immediate street where we are located.

We advise against parking in the residents-only parking, of which there is plenty! Keep driving around and you will find a space.

But, if its your first visit, you may need more time as we’re a large sexy shop with loads of choice.  So if you can find a two-hour space for your first visit to the shop, all the better. You will find that if you drive around the block behind Lilo’s Grill House, which is directly opposite us, or around St Peters Street in Cardiff, which is just around the corner where there are lots of parking bays outside the Church.

Passion is located towards the centre to Southern End (City Centre end) of City Road, with a few non-takeaways nearby.  These include Calico the fabric shop and Crafty Sew and Sew which is next door to us (City Road has always been quite famous for its fabric shops and indeed, our building was once a bed and bedding factory back in the day).   You will also find a lot of barbers shops nearby – something else that City Road is definitely very famous for!

What else will I find on City Road?

In City Road, you will find lots of restaurants, barbers shops, nail bars, takeaways and fabric shops.  Although it used to be most famous for car showrooms, sadly none are left.  It is a very multicultural and colourful area with many communities shopping and meeting here.  If you like cooking, there is a very big International Food Centre just on the next block from us, with an in-store butchers and every food from the Mediterranean that you could imagine.  It also sells a selection of fresh Lavash and other flat breads, and Baklava.

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