Pole Dancing Lessons Cardiff

Here at Passion we have Cardiff’s first and original dedicated pole dancing studio.

Click Whats On for the timetable.

It’s a lovely bright and airy space, over 1500 sq ft and has 9 poles.  We also sell dance poles should you wish to purchase one for your home.

If you are looking to start pole dance lessons, you can contact our teachers below and they can give you further information about their classes, prices etc.

Cardiff University Pole Dance Society (CU PS)

If you are an athletic union member you can purchase blocks of lessons from CUPDS. Contact @poledancesoc on Facebook.

Sammyshine Dance

Sammy currently teaches at Passion on Thursday evenings 6-8pm.  Contact Sammy on: @sammyshinedance on Facebook.

Siana Pole Fitness

Blocks of classes with a fitness focus, Siana and Jo teach here on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  Contact Siana on @sianapole on Facebook.

So why learn pole fitness?
  • Build amazing strength
  • Meet new friends and have fun
  • Learn a new sport
  • Build self-confidence
  • Combat stress
  • Strengthen bones and joints
  • Improve sleep
  • Develop greater balance and kinesthetic awareness

Pole Fitness